The IRS Could Not Collect When the Tax Statute of Limitations Period Expired

There are things that can extend (the technical term is “toll”) the collections period for IRS debt. Make an offer in compromise, for example, and the period gets tolled.

Avoiding Cigarette Butts

Your investment portfolio will perform much better, if you throw away the cigarette butts and focus on identifying a market leading franchise that can sustain earnings growth.

How To Lose A Tax Deduction For Wages Paid

Tax deductions

Deducting Everything - The Tanzi Doctrine

There is a long-standing doctrine that an employee is "in the business" of being an employee, but one still has to show some nexus between business expenses and being an employee in order to deduct them for taxes.

Court Determines that an HOA Is Not Legally Valid

HOAs and Condominiums derive from the covenants and state statutes’ powerful tools to use against homeowners. However, if the association does not meet the legal definition of a HOA or condo, then it cannot use the statuary toolbox.